Computer Support Services

We offer on-site repair directly at your home or office. Here are just some of the services we offer.


When your computer needs repair, we know how frustrating this can be. You can rely on Comtech Solutions to take care of everything. From hardware repair to replacing/upgrading faulty parts, including power supplies, video cards, memory, and hard drives. Most jobs can be completed immediately at your home or office.


How would you feel if you lost everything on your computer right now? Think about it. Don’t wait for disaster. Prepare for it. We offer backup services online (cloud) and locally (second storage device, like external/internal drive or flash drive) to protect your data. Once set up, it’s automatic, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling or storing files. Backing up your information is absolutely necessary, and with Comtech Solutions, very simple and very affordable. Learn more about this topic in our archived resources.

Article: Backup – Emergency Preparedness

Data Recovery

Failed computer or hard drive, flash drives, cds, DVDs. Water/coffee damage. Even if your hard drive is not spinning data can usually be recovered.


Windows acting up? Getting error messages? Printer not connecting? We can troubleshoot just about any software – from QuickBooks to Outlook to Skype and everything in between.


Keep your computer running smoothly with annual maintenance, general cleaning, and optimization. Avoid serious damage or costly replacement with regular maintenance.


Did you know you should have the inside of your computer professionally cleaned? Extend the life of your system and prevent crashes. Depending on usage and environment (pets, dust, smoke, etc.) your computer should be cleaned 1 to 4 times a year.

Virus Removal/Prevention

Don’t let this threat go unattended. Viruses can cause serious problems for you and even your friends if you infect them. Fortunately, you can take action to remove and prevent viruses, spyware or malware. Prevent identity theft, phishing probes, and hacking from your system.

Hardware Installation

On-site installation of printers, webcams, microphones, e-readers, wireless keyboards/mice – anything you can connect, we can install.


Let Comtech Solutions build your network, wireless or wired. We can assist with office wiring, Internet sharing and configuring wireless networks. Solutions to extend range and enhance strength of your network. Add multiple devices, such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles and more, including network security. Troubleshoot wireless spectrum issues like conflicts with garage door openers, cordless phones, neighbours’ wifi, etc.

General Support

Comtech Solutions can help you get organized! Save time with file organization, email configuration, document printing and scanning systems, and software training. Comtech offers new solutions for new technologies.


Learn Windows, Word, Excel, Skype, Facebook, iPhone, iPod, Kobo and more.

Business Consulting

MBA-level support, strategic IT planning. Decisions that positively impact the bottom line. Decrease operational costs, increase revenue.